Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave | Art by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel

Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game.

1-5 players | 40-70 minutes | ages 10+

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Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games. It is the winner of the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres award.

You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). These habitats focus on several key aspects of growth:

  • Gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower
  • Lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colors
  • Draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them

The winner is the player with the most points after 4 rounds.

If you enjoy Terraforming Mars and Gizmos, we think this game will take flight at your table. Please join us in the Wingspan Facebook group to discuss the game!

Featured Components:

  • 170 unique bird cards (57x87mm)
  • 26 bonus cards (57x87mm)
  • 16 Automa cards (57x87mm)
  • 103 food tokens
  • 75 egg miniatures
  • 5 custom wooden dice
  • 5 player mats
  • 1 birdfeeder dice tower
  • 2-piece Game Trayz custom tray
  • 1 goal mat
  • 8 goal tiles
  • 1 first-player token
  • 40 action cubes (8 per player)
  • 4 clear plastic resource containers
  • 1 scorepad (50 sheets; 1 sheet used for all players each game)
  • 3 rulebooks (core, Automa, and Appendix)

Featured Accessories:

Wingspan’s box measures 30x30x7cm, and it weighs 2.4 kg.

If you have the first or second printing of the game (i.e., you received your game in April 2019 or earlier), you can get an update pack here.

Release Details

Prints of the bird art can be purchased directly from artist Natalia Rojas.

Copyright 2019 Stonemaier LLC. Wingspan is a trademark of Stonemaier LLC. All Rights Reserved. This content is not authorized for posting on Steam.

Photos courtesy of Kim Euker. Typeface Cardenio Modern designed by Nils Cordes, For media requests (interviews), please contact Jamey at or Elizabeth (the game designer) at Review copy requests should follow our standard form procedures.

286 Comments on “Wingspan

      1. Interesting that you have chosen the material as theme appropriate. For many a gamer dice aren’t about a thematic experience but they bring a tactile experience. Often wooden dice lack the heft of other materials and the click-clacking sound when rolled or knocked together. Think of Azul with cardboard chits instead of those tiles, just not the same experience, and arguably would be a worse game in that case. Not saying that this would be the case with Wingspan, I don’t know enough about it, but trying to give a balance to the comment.

        1. What you have done there though is remove theme, not add it. A more similar comparison wold be how much cooler Azul would be with real ceramic tiles, or if Azul: Sintra or Sagrada had glass tiles/dice.

          1. You miss the point. My comment was not about theme but tactility. In my view wooden dice remove a tactile element, so the comparison was fair

        2. The wooden dice is an excellent choice in my opinion. This isn’t a dice rolling game primarily, so I don’t see the problem with the “tactile experience”.

    1. I was actually excited to see the wooden dice. Admittedly, I grew up with my grandfather and father being wood workers, so maybe I have a bias due to that. I loved the wooden Charterstone dice too.

      1. I actually really like wooden dice too! Hahaha! Probably because of Legends of Andor for me. But yeah, love all the components here! (Plus the meeple source wooden tokens! Woot!)

        1. I was able to finally attain a copy of Wingspan about a month ago and I will say it is worth the $55 price tag. The dice bird house is an artistic feature and I think will hold up better than other games (see Everdell) with similar artistic features. The replayability of the game is excellent; I have played against the Automa about 20+ times and continue to try and beat the “hard” Automa (finally scored 98 to Automa’s 99 yesterday!). The eggs, cards, and instruction manuals are off great quality as well.

  1. As a birdwatcher, I think this looks very intriguing. The artwork looks great! But so much is still unknown about the gameplay…

      1. Thanks for your quick response Jamey. I understand that as there are only 170 birds that focusing on one area of the world would make sense.
        I would prefer a game that had predominately birds from the UK and understand that to publish different versions would likely increase production cost and be unfeasible.
        I’ll keep following to see how the game develops and look forward to seeing regional expansions.

        1. Thanks Karl! While I don’t think we’ll do an expansion that focuses on a single country, I think we’ll continue with the method of focusing on one continent at a time. In the end, we’ll never cover all the birds, unfortunately–there are so many! :)

          1. Looks good, do you know yet if you will do versions say a European version or an African version where you buy the game with birds from that continent, or will you need to buy the American version and then buy an expansion to get say European or African birds?

          2. Another UK potential customer here…
            It would be possible to have a core game which was unplayable without a continent explansion pack, though this would be rather strange practice.
            It would also be possible to sell a European edition in Europe with just the European birds in it. You may have heard that there is a huge market for tabletop games in Germany, so if you can produce one set with a multilanguage set of rulebooks and you should be fine.

          1. Avid Antipodean bird photographer and board gamer here. Agree with Miz, be great to have a Pacific/SE Asian/Oceania version. Huge demand for this game DownUnder…I had to wait until this week (1st week in August) to get this. Can’t wait to try it out with my game buddies. The game looks great and very well produced. The bird feeder is easy to set up and it doesn’t look like it will be over used. The wooden dice are not a problem for me as this is a primarily card and token based game. The different variations of goal cards and variations of starting bird and bonus cards mean that almost every game will be unique, with different strategies. Also a huge fan of Planetarium – what can I say, I’m a science geek!!!

  2. Very interested by the theme alone! Will there be Australian parrots in the game? Orange-bellied and swift parrots, maybe? :)

  3. Shipping one game to Australia is expensive. Would you consider offering a discount for a box of games (I not sure how many Wingspan units fit in a box but whatever makes sense from a logistics point of view … 4 … 6 units?) so that we can organise a group buy, share the cost of one shipment and land the game for a reasonable cost per unit.

    1. While we don’t offer bulk discounts, the shipping cost per unit inherently goes down when you order more than one copy. Also, we make our games available through retailers worldwide in case you want to save on shipping directly from us.

      1. Please do make an Australian version of the game high on your list, it would be a hit worldwide because we are known for our quirky and gorgeous birds! Thanks, Jane

      1. Jamey, is the game language independent? The english is No problem for me but might be for my wife. I have already ordered earlier today but now i see that 999 games might be translating the game.

  4. I know you’ve posted that pre-orders will be available Jan. 2nd. At the top of this page it says “Notify me when available: in January from Stonemaier; in March from retailers.” Does this mean only pre-orders in Jan., and shipping in March? How much earlier do Stonemaier Champions generally receive their purchases?

    1. Kenny: It means that it’s available from Stonemaier in January, but if you want to wait to get it from a retailer, you won’t get it until March. Stonemaier Champions will start seeing their orders ship within a few days.

      1. Sweet, I just might have to become a Champion! I love what you do, Jamie. You’re attention to customer service is the best I’ve ever come across in the industry!

          1. Not just this board game industry, but in any industry I’ve ever been a part of.

            I’m a manager in a completely separate field and I use you as an example.

            I don’t know if all of these comments are Jamey or wage worker disguised as Jamey, but it doesn’t even matter, the consistency, courtesy, and quality are top notch.

            Great Work

  5. Already a SM Champion and will be placing my pre-order day 1 ….. very excited, since TM is my most fav game, this is gonna be awesome. Jamey, if you can, mind listing some of the more rare birds that will be in the game ? (And also, does the rarity in real life make them more powerful with better abilities and powers in the game ? ) Just curious :)

  6. Hey Jamey, can you tell me the size of the cards so I can have sleeves ready to go? They look standard but just want to be sure. Thanks so much!

  7. I think if we take into account that My Little Scythe has a $50 price tag, with all it’s miniatures, game trays, a decent number of cards, as well as a good deal of quality plastic and card board components; I think it’s safe to say that Wingspan won’t cost more than that. I’d be surprised if it we’re more, but I’ll be budgeting $60 so I have a bit of a cushion .

  8. Super excited to pick this one up to play with my wife and boys! Very unique theme, appropriate play time, and fun mechanics. Thanks, per usual, Jamey, for putting out such high-quality games, both in design and components. SM proudly lines our game shelf.

  9. Hey Jamie,
    This looks totally amazing :)
    Do you think there is a Chance for a German Version? Maybe Essen 19? :D
    Greetings from Cologne :)

      1. I just checked their website. Looks like a late March release. I will have to go to my local game store here in Stuttgart and make sure they order it for me. I have a German friend whose parents will LOVE this game! I have two English copies on pre-order. (:

  10. Hello Jamey
    The game looks great and the theme is one that is being explore much. I am not a bird follower but I will get the game for sure. Just the artwork and the eggs makes me want to have it.
    Great work!

  11. I’m hoping to preorder but I’m not a SM champion. How long would it take to ship and deliver? My birthday is Feb 2 and I’m planning on doing a big board game weekend and this is up my alley and the people I play with. So if I was able to get it before then I would easily preorder.

  12. Sorry if this may show up twice because the comment didn’t show up on the page after I posted.

    I’m not a Stonemaier Champion and I was wondering if I preordered how long would it take to ship and deliver? My birthday is Feb 2 and I’m having a big game day weekend to celebrate and this game fits up my alley and the people I play with. If it could get to me before then I would easily preorder but if not then I’ll just have to pass and wait for retail. Looks beautiful, great theme, nice to see a female designer as well!

    1. Why wouldn’t you just sign up to be a Champion? It’s like the cost of shipping so it equals out. Plus we get other bonuses. It’s a no brainer.

  13. Will we see any review videos of Wingspan before the Jan. 2nd release? I’ve heard in multiple places that Rahdo is saying good things, but he isn’t publishing his video yet. I’m looking forward to his perspective on a 2-player play through.

  14. Ciao Jamey, season’s greetings from Rome! I will be a day one backer, and with that said…I love to have my cards nice and sleeved and by watching your unboxing video, one doubt arose: will the tray be able to fit all the cards once sleeved? …it does not seem so :(

  15. Is the plan to start shipping Champion preorders today? Unless I read it wrong in the update from a couple days ago.

  16. Preordered yesterday….literally throwing the $$ at my screen, lol…..super looking fwd to this, congrats on a great launch!

  17. even though I would probably pay less when this gets to UK retail I decided to get this direct. Great to support the developer and with the bonus of getting it at least a month early.

    Can’t wait for this. Love TM but hadn’t heard of this until New Years Eve. Wish I hadn’t bought some other games for Christmas now! after watching #Rhado and #slickerdrips playthroughs and #dicetower reviews I think this is all I am going to want to play for a while. We

  18. I accidentally fell in love with birding when I was in college, and have since seen (and sought out) many of the birds in this game. So I obviously had to have it. The fact that it’s getting good reviews is even more exciting! Thanks for taking a chance on an interesting and different theme. Too bad there isn’t more enthusiasm for our avian friends! I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

  19. Buenas. Como aficionado a los juegos de mesa y aficionado a las aves estoy entusiasmado con este nuevo juego y quisiera darles la enhorabuena. Aunque tengo una gran duda y es si posiblemente pronto se ofrezcan expansiones con aves de distribuciones de otros continentes. De ser así este juego se convertiría en un referente magnífico para ornitólogos y aficionado a las aves además de contener una gran capacidad didáctica.

    Gracias por su atención y disculpen mi idioma, ser no lograr entenderme trataría de expresarme en inglés aunque de peor forma.
    Un saludo.

  20. Thank you for producing yet another fantastic, high quality game! My wife and I received it today and played three times in one sitting. Your attention to detail in components and gameplay really shines. We love Wingspan!

  21. Just played today with a coworker during lunch today, we were both quite surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Huge fan of everything you release, yet this game left us stricken by it. I think the best way to describe it is that the game flows naturally. Turns, Actions, and Rules almost do all the heavy lifting on their own. I wouldn’t hesitate to break this game out among ANY group. Bravo!

    1. Hey Jamey, very excited about this game, and somehow missed the original release. I have pre-ordered through an online retailer, and came across your open letter on facebook. I hope I misunderstood a little. Will the retailers be able to meet demands on March 8th? Or would I be better off cancelling and looking into another option? You mentioned that they have over promised, but I was unsure if this was for this release or the first round.

      1. Brett: I’m sure that retailers have accepted orders that they cannot fill right away, but I’m also sure they’ll fill them as soon as possible (it won’t be too long until they have more copies). So I would not recommend cancelling your order, as you’ll lose your place in line with them if you do.

  22. Hi
    Just played Wingspan for the first time – fantastic, beautiful game.
    I noticed a few typos on the cards eg. brids rather than birds on the Oologist bonus card. Is there anywhere I can report these typos to so that they can be corrected for second edition? (I think I found 4 in our first game).
    By the way I love the attention to detail – the graphics are stunning.

    Thanks Jamey


    1. Paul: Thanks for your question. There actually isn’t a second edition of Wingspan (new editions are when publishers completely revamp art and/or mechanisms). We’re just fixing a few minor typos for subsequent printings. At this point we’ve found all the types–see the comprehensive list here:

      If you spot any typos in the rulebook or Appendix, please first check the digital files, as we’ve probably caught those errors too. :) Otherwise you can compile the errors you find (if any) and comment here with them.

      1. Hi Jamey – thanks for your quick reply! My apologies – I should have read the BGG post first! Can’t wait to play Wingspan again this afternoon. Looking forward to further new releases from SM (I must still purchase Viticulture yet) – definitely the best game producer.
        Many thanks

  23. Got to play this today and it was a lot of fun! I look forward to playing it regularly and purchasing it when it becomes available. Great game :)

  24. Jamie,

    Great game! My wife and I have played it three times since receiving it two days ago.

    I haven’t yet seen anyone mention it, but their are some typos on cards. The word “between” on at least some pink abilities and there was at least one bird card where “bird” is spelled “brid”.

    It doesn’t dimish the game for us.

    Thank you!

  25. I almost canceled my preorder because of a change in my financial situation. Then I saw Rahdo’s review and decided to keep the order. I’m so glad I did because it is so freakin’ fun! I loved it and so did my gaming buddy and her 11yo boy. He caught on faster than we did. Amazing game! Kudos to Elizabeth and the team.

  26. Heya Jamey, we played this for the first time the other night.and this is now one of my favorite games I have ever played! Even though we were unable to finish the game because the store was closing, It has been quite some time when I played a game for the first time that left me with such an Amazing and Intriguing first impression!!!

    Growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s, I used to collect those little pocket sized illustrated books, my favorite being Birds of North America. Wingspan to me is like a board game translation of that book:)

    I finally found a site that have preorders available for the March 8th release, so I hope to get my copy next month. Either that, or I hope there will be copies at BGGC Spring here in DFW I can pick up;)

    I can’t wait to play this with my Wife and Stepdaughter and once again, such an amazing game from Stonemaier Games:)

    1. Thanks, Baylor! I’m glad you had such a good time playing Wingspan. I’m familiar with those books you mentioned–I had one myself when I was growing up in the 80s. :)

      While it’s quite possible retailers won’t have enough copies to satisfy demand for the March 8 release, we’re making plenty more that will arrive in early April and May.

  27. […] Engine building games are games where cards are activated. When the cards are activated you perform some action or gain some sort of resource. In some cases, the activated action on your card may benefit the other players. In most cases, you start at the right most card and work your way left. I’ve found that it takes me a couple of plays to figure out the best way to maximize my engine building. There are some engine building aspects to Terraforming Mars. The most recent game to hit our table that is a fantastic example of an engine building game is Wingspan. […]

  28. Hi I have pre ordered through my LGS and would love to see a bird pack expansions for other country’s birds ie Europe South America, and Australia

      1. I actually expect Expansions to broaden the gameplay a bit more over just adding birds. My concerns with birds packs are:

        1. Cards should fit into the tray.
        2. Expand the gameplay over “bland” expansion types which just adds a little bit more of the same.
        3. Diferent possible scorings.
        4. Additional mechanics, given that the base game is pretty simple.

        1. Thanks for sharing your expectations! I have mentioned that each expansion will feature birds from a different continent, but i haven’t said that’s the only component that will be in those expansions. This isn’t our first rodeo, Hector–look at the wide variety of expansions we’ve made for our other games. :)

          1. Good news ! If expansions isn’t JUST about getting new Birds’ cards (which is already cool), then I’d suggest you could think of ways to get more interactions between players.

          2. “more interactions” is literally in the description on the bottom of the box of the first expansion. :)

            Didn’t get it… ? Do you mean a 1st expansion has already been released ? Or are talking about the main game box ?

          3. Yipikay hey :-D
            Any more infos ?
            Date of release, which continent, how to pre-order, etc… ???

          4. Had to try ;-) Great news anyway, can’t wait to know more about it, and hoping you chose European Birds ;-)

  29. First play yesterday, with 4 players.
    Overall comments were very positive. They game plays very smooth, with a clear ruleset.
    This one is definitely a keeper. I am already looking forward for the expansions.

  30. Received Wingspan yesterday. Awesome game, seduced the whole family, and good French translation too. Only one drawback : we live in France and most of the birds are American species (even though a few are worldwide). Would have loved to be able to play with the European species we are used to. Do you think an add-on will be available one day ?

  31. I know there are tons of possible worthy expansion zones, but I’d like to put in a pitch for a Hawaiian avifauna expansion! We often feel left out of stuff. :)

  32. So I would like to order Wingspan through Stonemaier games online but the only option I have is to be added to the list. I would really love to buy the game so I ordered on Amazon just so I could secure one. However, the price is $104.00 and they are not expecting the game to be delivered to me until October 2019.

    I am glad Elizabeth has created and produced such a beautiful and fun game.

    Is there a way I can order through Stonemaier and receive Wingspan before October 2019? Just wondering…
    Thank you

  33. So here are the facts:
    Air freight compared to ocean freight; 60 cents per lb. versus $2 per lb. at most.
    Which would be a cost to you of $5 for air freight AT MOST. the cost of ocean freight to you, ($1.50), was obviously factored into your MSRP of $55 (most retailers sold it for way less).
    Why not just add on $3.50 at most. this smells of extortion. Never a clever business model long term.

    1. Leah: Which carrier are you using? We got quotes from two freight companies, and at 126 units per pallet, the cost varied between $19 per unit and $11 per unit (the cost dropped if we shipped at least 4 pallets). Each unit weighs 2.4 kg. Ocean freight is not factored into MSRP–our MSRP is purely a 5x multiplier on manufacturing cost.

      Extortion is a strong (and entirely inaccurate) word to throw around, so please check your facts. I definitely have.

  34. […] Wingspan is the newest hotness from Stonemaier Games, from up-and-coming designer Elizabeth Hargrave. Highly anticipated since its announcement in January, this game hit the market and sold out before it even reached store shelves. Wingspan even attracted the attention of The New York Times, an organization that usually doesn’t look twice at this hobby. Something about this game has everyone’s attention, but what is it exactly? […]

  35. Hey Jamey,

    Just wondering if the copies of the game that were being air-freighted for impatient gamers like me were on schedule and if I should expect my copy this week?!?!?! (sorry, very excited).


  36. I was just wondering if it’s known how many (or what percent) of the preorders will be completed with the second printing? I know it was previously said that it would go into the 3rd printing to cover them all, just wasn’t sure how likely it was to get one from this shipment. I’m just trying to figure out how much finger crossing I need to be doing next week…or if I need to just plan on waiting until next month. Thanks!

  37. Wow, I own a one-man, international birding guide company, I give talks about birding to the Texas Master Naturalists classes ans well as to the local schools and organizations. I’d love if you could send me a copy of your game so I can review it and promote it. I grew up playing a now obsolete game “Gone Birding” and it was instrumental to getting me where I am today. I’d be honored to help the kids of today do the same with your game. My website is; please check me out and consider letting me review your game! Thank you!

  38. We are trying to get started but are stuck. The Overview says “pay the bird’s food and egg cost” but we can’t figure out how the eggs are distributed, The Setup has us getting five food tokens, then discarding as many as the number of bird cards we want to keep. However, I don’t see how we get the eggs for the first action.

    Seems like a great game but we are unable to get started.

    1. You only have to pay eggs if you’re playing a bird in columns 2-5 (see the very top of the player mat). You must play birds in the far left of each habitat, and the first column has no egg cost above it, so you don’t need to worry about the egg cost at the beginning of the game. After you’ve played a bird, you can take the “Lay eggs” action to lay eggs on your birds.

  39. Can’t help but feel like there are similarities between how the Xbox 360 was released and how Wingspan was released.

  40. So my local game store was told by their distributors that Wingspan should be in their hands in June. What’s the veracity of this claim?

    1. They’re referring to the third printing of Wingspan, which we shipped to distributors 3 weeks ago, and I’ve already seen it show up in stores. That’s the “June” printing (there is no other June printing).

  41. Going to the beach in a couple of weeks – perfect time to take a board game…I’ve been waiting for a rerelease of this game for months. Why is it taking so long?
    So I need to call around and see if anyone has it? Because on Amazon it is still over $100

  42. A question arose when we were playing this evening. Can a player use one of the “Once Between Turns” effects after your last turn in the final round if someone after you does something that would normally trigger it? Technically it isn’t “Between” your turns, but the implication is that you get an effect “on another player’s turn.”

  43. Just played it for the first time tonight. I lost, but I can hardly wait to play again. It’s a really good game.

  44. […] Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games. You are bird enthusiasts—researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors—seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). These habitats focus on several key aspects of growth: gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower,lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colors, draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them. Finally, the winner is the player with the most points after 4 rounds. […]

  45. Hi Jamey,

    We are a party of 6 very fond of SM Games (from Viticulture to Scythe and many more). We love the mechanics and the aesthetics. I am myself very much interested in ‘cuteness’ of games, and that leads me to buy the upgrades on mats, dice, resource tokens and coins. They have just gave me Wingspan as birthday present in the Spanish version from Maldito Games. I do not know if there is any difference with the materials but I have to say that I don´t particularly like the thick paper goal mat. I would have expected that mat to be the at least the same cardboard material as the players mats. Have you got plans to offer an upgrade for that mat? It seems to me that it won´t last long.

    Thank you and please keep releasing such good and beautiful boardgames.


    1. Carmen: Thanks for your question. We chose the goal mat paper stock specifically to ensure that it would not warp. A smaller board like that at 1.5mm (same as player mats) would have been prone to warping.

  46. […] Wingspan is a tableau building card game that, like most games of this type, is classified as a board game. The bird-watching theme and attractive packaging led me to get a copy and play it for the first time recently. I enjoyed the game and will play it again in a few days. This first play session was with one other player who, like me, had not played this game before. […]

  47. […] Wingspan is a breathtaking “engine” building game where you and up to five friends compete to coax flocks of birds into nature reserves. You’ll spend turns luring unique bird cards into one of 3 biomes, or playing each of the biome’s special ability—get food, lay eggs, or gather more birds. Each time you play a biome, your birds have a chance to use special abilities, often times creating long, clever chains of well-laid actions. […]

  48. We’re going to play our first game with an internationally known ornithologist this weekend! Will those of us with first edition be able to purchase “error correction” pieces once the bugs are ironed out? Thanks.

    1. Currently there’s only one edition, but there are a number of printings. In the first two printings, there were a few typos, and we offer the update pack on our webstore (it’s $0.01). However, for the printings that have been available over the last few months, there are no typos.

        1. When I went to the Meeplesource website, it said they were out of stock. :-(
          However, I went straight to the booth the first day of GenCon and was able to get a copy. I did have Elizabeth sign the rules.
          I also bought the special first player token from Meeplesource and had both Elizabeth and Natalia sign that.

  49. Hi just found out about the game and it sounds perfect for my 22 year old birder daughter-with each new printing is the same wonderful quality that everyone is talking about going to be same?

  50. When will it be available to purchase again? Was going to order from your site and it says it is sold out again.

    1. Thanks for asking! We already consider Wingspan to be a deluxe game, so we’re just making the one version, and people can buy special tokens if they’d like from third-party companies like Meeplesource and Top Shelf Gamer.

  51. Which vendors will have Wingspan’s expansion available? I know you haven’t announced a date yet, but I’m checking sites religiously. We want it so badly. I just need to know where to look.

    1. Hi – I just purchased a copy at the standard $55 plus shipping from The Audubon Shop in CT. This is a small birding store that is not part of the board game scene, so I don’t think anyone realizes they have some copies available. Feel free to give them a call: 888-505-9056

  52. The fact that there is so much price gouging because of the forced demand really questions my fesire to buy this game. I have played it, its fun but im tired of forced demand…
    Just make enough for us all to buy… you know there is a demand

      1. Shawn, you need to remember this is a business and cash is king. It takes money to print games, in China or anywhere else. Likely most of the money needs to come up front and even though Wingspan and Scythe are selling great, there are still bills to pay and they likely only have enough money for X games. Hopefully their per game cost is reduced a little as the design is now set, but you still need to front the money and get it back after the games are delivered.
        Also, last year at GenCon, Coolstuff had many games of Great Western Trail and they all sold. This year they also had many games of Great Western Trail and they took many back with them. At some point, nearly everyone who wants Wingspan will have bought it and I’m sure Stonemaier doesn’t want pallets of the game sitting around.
        My point is that Supply and Demand is a tricky thing. Right now the demand is very high, but they don’t want to oversupply either.

        1. Well said Greg!

          I believe my wife might enjoy Wingspan, but my budget for new games is very tightly constrained. If a UK or Western Europe edition were made available I would consider the purchase. I do not have the funds to consider buying the US set then an expansion set.

          I don’t argue about the value for the money, I don’t have the money.

  53. Thanks a lot for this great game; it is my current favorite. Congrats also on the spiel win; well deserved.

    I’d like to leave some feedback about the game and my hopes for future expansions:

    1. The coupling between the cards is a little loose for my taste. Each card is generally evaluated based on its stand alone value. I rarely see myself building combos or a real purposed engine, my engine just gets stronger in a general sense as I play “good” cards.

    2. The cards that foster or depend on player interactivity are few and weak (more so at lower player counts). In most games, the brown cards outweigh the pink cards by a mile and the brown cards that give things to all players could be considered disadvantageous to play at all.

    The good news is, Wingspan is still a great game and both of these issues can be addressed by introducing more cards, I also freely admit that the above issues are based on my personal tastes and not outright “problems”.

    My hope for Wingspan’s future is that each set of expansion cards has a distinctly different feel. It would be amazing if, for example, an African set were released that has a lot of interactivity and even “take that” mechanics; there are %75 pink cards in this set. Next comes the European birds that have a high degree of co-operation were people are giving each other resources all game long. Then, hopefully these Continental sets, each having it’s own flavor, could be played together or separately allowing me to tune the game to the feel that I want.

    Thanks again for a great experience.. I’ve gotten so much value out of the base game already, that whatever you do with the expansions will be an automatic purchase for me anyway.

  54. I have been hearing about this game. i would love to have a copy of the same. I am in India, unfortunately, games done reach here fast and when it reaches its damn expensive. Would be grateful if you could help me out.

  55. Any idea when we will get an announcement for the Wingspan expansion? Will there be N opportunity to buy before release, as with Tapestry? Love Wingspan and can’t wait for the expansion.

  56. Hello, I saw the new “With Swift Start Pack” version. Are you going to sell those 10 promo cards separately? Regards.

  57. Hi Jamey,

    Above you said, “If you have the first or second printing of the game (i.e., you received your game in April 2019 or earlier), you can get an update pack here.”

    How can we tell what printing of the game we have to know if we need the update pack and/or the swift-start promo pack? I see the description of how to tell on the Shopify page, but I don’t have the game with me and am not sure I want to look through all the cards checking for the misspelled “betweeen”. Do ALL of the pink-ability cards have the misspelling?

    We got our copy of the game at an event in Alton, IL back in June that had to be moved from the Audubon Center at Riverlands. Can you tell from that what printing we have?


    1. Kevin: Thanks for your question. There’s a visual guide on the FAQ (also on this website), but if you were at that event, you have the 3rd printing, which has the corrected cards but not the swift-start guide.

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