The Scythe encounter cards are in production and will be released later in 2018.

Below is how we structured this challenge for Scythe fans.


How It Works: From June 8-15, Scythe fans were invited to may a design for ONE encounter card using specific art. Jamey reviewed the submissions, selected his favorites, edited them when necessary, and is in the process of publishing them. If your card design was selected, you will be credited on the box and you will receive a complimentary copy of the card pack.


  • Players must have options: There must be at least one option on each encounter that provides a guaranteed benefit, and the other two options provide highly likely benefits.
  • Consistent with existing encounters: Each encounter must be consistent in terms of overall strength and theme with other encounters, as they’ll all be shuffled together.
  • Consider word count and length: If you create a brilliant encounter card, but requires a page of text, we won’t consider it. Look at the samples below to see how much text we can fit on a card (4 total lines of text at most).
  • Applicable to any configuration of Scythe: That is, the card you submit shouldn’t only apply to a specific expansion.
  • Your entry must be in English: If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry–I’ll edit any entries that need language assistance.
  • You may submit at most ONE entry: The Google Form will be editable through June 15, so if you need to change your original submission, you may do that by editing your one entry. If you submit more than one form, I will only look at your most recent submission.
  • Stonemaier Games reserves the right to revise your entry: It’s actually quite likely that we will make at least small edits for balance, consistency, fit, etc. [Update: Jamey ended up heavily editing most of the entries, often mixing and matching options from various submissions. The creativity and humor among the submissions was off the charts!]

Important: Think outside the box for these encounters. A fairly standard encounter that is well written with a touch of wit may be enough, but we’d love to see some truly unique encounters. Some examples of this are encounters that give players a Factory card, provide some element of delayed gratification, connect with specific expansions (but still apply to those who just have the core game), and offer new interactions with player/faction mats.

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  1. I have a few questions: Do encounters have to work for a player that only has the base game? Will the best one per each image be what makes it into the promo pack? (What if there were 2 amazing ideas for 1 card, but only a pretty good idea for another?)

    1. Jamie:

      “Do encounters have to work for a player that only has the base game?” They must work for any configuration of Scythe, but you could probably find creative ways to give players options if they happen to be playing with certain expansions.

      “Will the best one per each image be what makes it into the promo pack? (What if there were 2 amazing ideas for 1 card, but only a pretty good idea for another?)” Yes, one per image. I’ll pick the best submission for each image.

  2. So much great artwork made it hard to choose what card/idea to use! I also enjoyed that you linked to the form four separate times. Very thorough, haha!

  3. To whomever decided that “Click on one to embiggen” was appropriate text to put on this page… I love you.

  4. Jamey – I recall you saying we could edit our entries until June 15, but is there a way to recover the entry we already submitted? Clicking on the form link just brings up a blank form.

    1. The link is on the page that popped up immediately after you submitted your entry. You might be able to find it in your browser’s history; if not, just make a new submission for the same card, as I’ll only use the newest submission for each person.

      1. Looks like I can’t rescue the link from my history – just a blank document. That’s okay, I really just wanted to see what I’d written, not make changes. I’ll wait for when my prize is mailed to me.


  5. I just submitted one for 73, I was curious if you could at least say if it at least meets the guidelines of acceptability. You don’t have to tell me if you like it or not. I just really don’t want to be disqualified for something I overlooked.

    1. Sorry David, if I do it for you, I’d have to do it for all 150+ submissions, and I can’t do that. If you have questions about a specific guideline that you want to ask here, I’m happy to answer it.

  6. Awesome contest!! Just submitted one and enjoyed creating it. I wish I could do one for all of them. Enjoying Scythe a lot! Cannot wait for my Wind Gambit expansion to come this week!! Bye Bye Weekend!

  7. Hi Jamie, what a fantastic opportunity to be immortalized in one of the best games on the market! Have you considered writing the name of the winner on the card instead of the box? In small font just above the card’s text box or beside the number. I’d love to be reminded that the card I’m encountering during a game was designed by a fan!

    Thank you for always thinking of new ways to engage your fans!

  8. Hi Jamey, when do you think this promo pack ll be released, I consider preordering RoF but maybe i should just wait and ordrer it and the promo pack at the same time.
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Oliv: I think you will be waiting a long time if you do that. :) From the minute I tell Panda to start making a product to the minute it arrives at a retailer is 5 months minimum. And that minute hasn’t even happened yet, as I haven’t picked the winners, nor has my graphic designer put the text on the cards, nor have they been proofread, etc.

  9. I’ve never played Viticulture automa, but how does it handle when a choice is given to other players to accept a benefit? Trying to come up with something similiar for Scythe with offering resources/payment, but not sure how you would have it jive with the automa mechanic.

  10. Those entries make quite a list of creativity. Very happy to have my entry selected (#74), thank you Jamey! And I really like your suggested adjustment for option 2. That was the one I was least happy with. But that suggestion both fits the theme very well and is a nice extra interaction with the board. Wish I had thought of that :)

  11. Jamey: Thanks again for holding a great contest for new Encounter Cards. I know mine was way outside that box you mentioned above “Think outside the box for these encounters”. I really enjoyed it and assume that since I did not receive an email I was not one of the chosen one. — Thanks again Jamey
    — John

      1. Jamey: I checked all my mail, and will try to look again. I know my entry was for #50, and I will check again. — Thanks
        — John

          1. Jamey: No worries, I appreciate the opportunity and I knew going in that I would be thinking way outside the box. And you know what they say… “Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow” – Thanks again Jamey
            — John

  12. Wow people put a lot of effort in to those. The winning encounters are amazing. If I spent a few hours thinking about an encounter I don’t think it would be half as good as those. I can imagine how they would spark brand new ideas for you Jamey, it must be great to haven gotten all those wonderful entries.

        1. John: I’d like to keep some things a surprise. :) Honestly, I think the best way to play the first few games with the new encounter cards is to not look at them in advance and instead just play a game with them, discovering them as players reach encounters.

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